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About Us

“Ro’ad Al-Taysir” was founded on strong foundations of professionalism and ethical commitment, and we hold a bold vision to improve healthcare and empower communities with access to high-quality medical products. We offer our services in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies import for individuals and medical institutions in various regions. Since our establishment, we have worked diligently to be at the forefront of the healthcare sector by providing innovative medical products and comprehensive solutions to meet our clients’ aspirations and achieve complete satisfaction with their requirements. Our exceptional team of experts and specialists brings extensive experience in the healthcare industry with utmost respect and appreciation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the primary driver of community development and contribute to the well-being of humanity by providing exceptional medical products that address current and future health challenges.

Global excellence and quality.

Providing high-quality medical products and services while adhering to local health and safety standards in Yemen.

We are committed to providing exceptional medical products of high quality to meet the needs of the local market and achieve optimal performance for medical institutions and healthcare teams in Yemen. We uphold local standards of quality and safety in every aspect of our work.

Leadership in healthcare

Striving for excellence in healthcare by providing innovative and exceptional solutions for individuals and medical institutions.

We take pride in being pioneers in the healthcare field, as we strive to deliver top-notch medical solutions and cutting-edge technology to meet our clients’ needs and ensure their complete satisfaction.

Local and regional presence.

Working towards global expansion and regional presence to achieve impact and positive influence in different regions and markets.

We aspire to become a global company with a strong presence across different continents and countries. We aim to reach a wide range of customers and beneficiaries with our products and services, contributing to the improvement of healthcare and the well-being of communities.

Local Yemeni trust and reputation.

Building a strong reputation and maintaining the trust of our global customers and partners in the quality of our products and our credibility.

We consider the trust of our customers and partners as the foundation of our success, and therefore, we work diligently to maintain our high reputation and credibility in the global market. We believe that trust is the key to building long-lasting relationships and sustainable success.

Our Goals

We aspire to become a reputable local company in the field of pharmaceutical and medical supplies import and export in Yemen, aiming to be the first choice for customers across the country.
  • We aim to provide high-quality medical products and innovative medical supplies to improve healthcare quality and enhance the well-being of patients and communities.
  • We strive to contribute to public health and well-being by offering medical products that have a positive impact on human health and life.
  • Our goal is to deliver comprehensive and integrated solutions to medical institutions and healthcare teams, meeting their needs, streamlining operations, and improving efficiency.
  • We prioritize exceptional customer service, seeking to understand our customers’ needs and meet their expectations with professionalism and precision.
  • We aim to expand our business scope and achieve a strong local presence, becoming the first choice for customers in all regions of Yemen.
  • Building partnerships with facilities who care well about cGMP in order to guarantee supplying high quality products.
  • Provide high quality products in affordable price for patients.
  • Cover all cities and countrysides all over Yemen.
  • Support physicians to Participate Conferences in and out the country.
  • Makes seminars about our products for Board’s preparing students.
  • Train our team every year to develop their levels and enhance sales.
  • Improve financial situation of team along with our corporation.
  • Add more suppliers to cover our requirements and frequently needs of products.

Our Services

We offer a distinguished range of comprehensive and integrated medical services. This includes the import of high-quality and effective medications, as well as providing modern and reliable medical supplies.

Shipping and Delivery

We provide fast and reliable shipping and delivery services for medical products throughout Yemen.

Research and Development

We strive for continuous development and innovation in the healthcare field to provide innovative medical products that meet market needs.

Wholesale sales

We offer wholesale sales options to medical institutions and hospitals to efficiently meet their needs.

Our Features

Our services stand out for their professionalism and dedication, as we strive diligently to meet our customers’ needs with precision and efficiency, providing an unparalleled experience in dealing with us.

Commitment to Excellence

We strive to achieve the highest health and professional standards in all aspects of our work.

High-quality products

We offer a wide range of excellent and high-quality medical products.

Professionalism in Service.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and meeting your requirements with utmost professionalism.

Contact Us

Customers can easily contact us through various communication channels such as phone, email, and WhatsApp.


+967 774026887


+967 774026887